72 Killer Resources for Multiplying Good

crystal-162608_150Keeping in mind the power of compounding and the rule of 72, I have delved deep into my work, trying to unearth a few diamonds in the rough. Now I am back with an earth shattering headache but ready to unload some treasures on your small nonprofit’s pristine shores.  My hope is that you find an inspirational gem or two here that peak your interest. Just stick what you don’t like in Davy Jones’ locker. Let’s open the chest containing my 72 Killer Resources for Multiplying Good.


The first step in my Multiplying Good program is Abbreviate. So let’s get started by remembering that life is a temporary assignment. Helping to put things into perspective, Candy Chang’s Before I Die is at #72. Who knows- maybe you will build your own wall. Next up at #71 is Stephen Lafond’s blog called 36525 Days To Live. Don’t miss his post “Dare To Change Your Mind!”. As you try to develop a laser focus, #70 helps you learn Why Organizations Are So Afraid To Simplify. Next, take a look in your closet. #69 comes to us courtesy of Catapult Magazine. Where do you want to go next? Try #68 the Exile Lifestyle blog. Every 4 months, Colin Wright moves to a new country decided upon by his readers. Think about #67 Not Buying Anything and simplifying your personal life too.  Do you have #66 an eight-word mission statement? Noboby wants to be known as a meat-head says #65 DON! the IDEA guy. He has 100 “what-if” questions to help you unmuck your mind. Has all this got you ready for a retreat? Think about following #64 designer Stefan Sagmeister‘s lead (but maybe not for a full 52 weeks). Know the story of #63 William Borden? No regrets here.  Now take a look and get focused courtesy of #62 visual.ly. Then take a closer look at your organizational culture. #61 Nonprofit Hub explains Why Designing Your Nonprofit Culture is Do or Die. The true bottom line according to #60 Tom Peters: it’s about people serving people. In #59, he gives the choice to Innovate or Die and provides 121 innovation tactics. Interested in leaving more? Watch the #58 Jacksonville Legacy Series from WJCTAt #57, read about how Father Nelson Baker did his fundraising and left a legacy of service. #56 C.G. Jung said: “Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”  Michael Mercer reveals at #55 TAPPI 3 vital signs for compelling vision statements and provides examples from a few US companies. Look to spaghetti sauce for some clues according to #54 Malcolm Gladwell.  Josh Dormont of #53 Collaboration for Good tackles nonprofit collaboration. #52 The Nonprofit Times blog reveals 6 Steps To A Brand Identity. Maria Popova at #51 Brain Pickings shares the Holstee Manifesto. #50 I Have a Dream Foundation was featured on 60 Minutes. Focus on the essential and put yourself in a better position to help your nonprofit organization. Joshua Becker at #49 Becoming Minimalist writes about The 10 Most Important Things to Simplify in Your Life.


The second step in my Multiplying Good program is Orchestrate. As #48 George Bernard Shaw said, “People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.” Need more inspiration? Check out #47 Carry On at ESPN.  #46 National Council of Nonprofits features 3 ways nonprofits can learn from first graders. The #45 Enoch Pratt Free Library in Maryland shows you How to Find Grants for Your Nonprofit Organization. For more on fundraising, be sure to listen in to #44 Joe Garecht’s podcast series. The #43 MacArthur Foundation highlights 13 nonprofits demonstrating exceptional creativity and effectiveness. What can you learn from them? Others need your assistance and #42 Create The Good from AARP can help you find them. Yet more reflections- this time from Henry Ford. Read his book My Life and Work at #41 Project Gutenberg. Next is some deep thinking from #40 “the philosopher”. He’s only 9 years old and featured at Open Culture. From deep thinking, head out to the deep sea. This free resource from #39 Lori Jacobwith depicts the steps to reeling in a big donor. Get out the spaghetti, tape and marshmallows. The topic of this #38 TED talk by Tom Wujec is Build a tower, build a team.  #37 is a slideshare presentation by Chris Houchens at Shotgun Concepts covering marketing fundamentals for nonprofit organizations. Find out what’s been planted at #36, the Fundraising Farmer video blog by Jimmy LaRose.  Have you visited #35 the Free Management Library? #34 The Urban Institute presents Developing Community-wide Outcome Indicators For Specific Services. Quickly get the pros and cons of 5 models of business change courtesy of  #33 PeopleWiz Consulting. Keep up with the latest nonprofit thinking at #32 Alltop. Nonprofit/charitable organizations guide Joanne Fritz lists 12 Ways to Embrace the 21st Century Nonprofit Workforce at #31 About.com. If all of this work is tiring, here’s 31 Charts That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity from #30 Business Insider. Ready to delegate tasks? Brad Egeland offers The Responsibility Assignment Matrix at #29 Project Management Tips. Do you need a Concept Map to capture, communicate and simplify ideas? Louise Rasmussen of #28 Global Cognition provides you 3 Ways Concept Maps Help You Learn. The #27 Volunteer Spot Blog offers up 10 Ideas for Volunteer Recruitment.  #26 NPR asks: Can Federal Funds Help Social Service Groups Work Smarter? Scott Adams sketches out some thoughts about doing more with less. See if what he depicts strikes a chord with you. Lighten things up with these #25 Dilbert cartoons.


The last step of Multiplying Good is Illuminate. With that in mind, no list is ever complete without including that magical phrase “social media”. So it is only fitting that, at #24, Cassandra Campbell gets you jump-started and moving in the right direction with The Complete Guide to Developing A Social Media Policy for Your Business. #23  “Creating Enchantment”  is a talk given by Guy Kawasaki that’s sure to flip on your switch. Get on the newspaper rack at #22 paper.li. Don’t forget to keep your website updated either. According to a survey conducted by #21 The Chronicle of Philanthropy, young donors are ready to learn more about your nonprofit. See how you are doing at the web information company #20 Alexa. Tom Peters is back at #19 and #18. See what he has to say about Acknowledgment and Memories that Matter. Matt from #17 The Exodus Road talks about 27 million modern day slaves. #16 Marathon Oil shows how they engage stakeholders.  This Anne Frank quote comes from #15 goodreads.com. “Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.” From down under, #14 AICPG shares Performance Indicators for your not-for-profit organisation. At #13, KnowHow NonProfit presents Developing a communications strategy from DHA Communications. Here is a copy of a quarterly performance report from #12 DC Youth Link. Best practices in charity annual reporting: Top ten tips comes from #11 Charity Village via Best Practices in Charity Annual Reporting, 2012. #10 Branded Out Loud shares 8 Types of Infographics and How Nonprofits Can Use Them. #9 Take a look at what The Urban Institute has done in 42 years. #8 Mark Twain was quoted as saying “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” #7 is Nonprofit Newsletters that Engage from Caroline Shahar at Constant Contact. Go from Dry To Dazzling with your Annual Reports in this slideshare presentation from Kivi Leroux Miller at #6 Nonprofit Marketing Guide.com. Here is a Nonprofit Board Welcome Information Packet Example by #5 Darren Ryan. As we complete the list, here are three last quotes to ponder at #4, #3 and #2. “To change, that is the most difficult thing to accomplish.” (Isabelle Adjani) “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, its thinking of yourself less.” (C.S. Lewis) “No legacy is so rich as honesty.” (William Shakespeare)

What better place to end than here in Pittsburgh? At #1, the last lecture. Unmissable.



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