24 Ways to Find some Dough

change-20272_640Most of us have heard of money going unclaimed. But how about your own nonprofit?  Do you have funds just idly sitting by and waiting to be “claimed”? Rightfully so, there is always a lot of focus on obtaining money from the outside. But let’s not forget about the inside of the organization either.

Here are some places to look for those unclaimed funds inside your nonprofit.

  1. Duplication of effort resulting in unnecessary expense.
  2. Wages for attendees of an unproductive meeting.
  3. Technology that is underutilized.
  4. Goods and services purchased without researching alternatives.
  5. Disorganization resulting in more time spent on activities.
  6. Employees hired for tasks that could be performed by volunteers.
  7. Poor systems that need overtime to get things done.
  8. High turnover of employees resulting in greater recruitment/training costs and lost productivity.
  9. Leadership style that discourages employee ideas for improvement.
  10. Viewing certain expenditures as costs and not investments.
  11. Purchasing equipment that nobody can run.
  12. Poor and, often times reversed decisions.
  13. Undertaking projects where a clear lack of experience exists.
  14. Nepotism.
  15. Chasing the latest social media craze expecting an explosion of fans, followers and, of course, money. (see #13)
  16. Biting off more than the organization can chew.
  17. Tunnel vision.
  18. Outsourcing to save money with a sometimes opposite result.
  19. Distributing limited resources (including employee time) inefficiently.
  20. Excessive fundraising costs that do not justify the return.
  21. Lack of accountability.
  22. Placing walls- not windows- between the organization and those who could genuinely help it.
  23. Emphasizing brand image instead of pure results.
  24. Wasting and overpaying for office space.

I am going to stop there but don’t consider this list to be all-inclusive. Proper governance can certainly address many of these items and others. Start looking for the hidden treasures in your own nonprofit and never stop striving to get better.

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