Applying some Geometry to your Nonprofit Fundraising

Wag_104-1_tangent_curveThe famous mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss was quoted as saying: “I have had my results for a long time: but I do not yet know how I am to arrive at them.”  Charities often know how much funding they need but aren’t quite sure how to get  it.

Let’s start with Vision. What are your small nonprofit’s most critical needs? Looking into the future, what are the biggest obstacles and opportunities in your organization?  How do you show efficiency through an ideal use of resources? Represent your Vision inside a circle.

Next consider Impact. How can a contributor specifically make a difference in helping your organization to realize its Vision? Even more importantly, why will that difference be greater than the impact derived from giving to a competitor? Represent Impact as a line, remembering that, in geometry a line is straight and never-ending. That’s just like many donors who have their eyes set on particular causes or geographies and are often hesitant to veer off that path.

Your goal? It is not to paint an attractive but unrealistic Vision; nor is it to twist to donor wishes. Your goal is to find the point of tangency between your Vision and desired donor Impact.

Where the two meet is your CONNECTION. To consistently make this important connection, find the sequence of cultivating events to be followed as well as the desired outcomes.

And, once you have found the secret sauce, enjoy it over and over.



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