7 tips to help small nonprofits break new ground

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“Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinks differently.”

This quote from philosopher and activist Rosa Luxemburg hits home for nonprofit organizations.The state and federal governments are struggling, with serious funding implications for nonprofits.  The US economy is still trying to gain traction.  At the same time, the demand for charitable services is increasing. Realizing it could be a long-term situation, is your organization ready to meet this challenge? How are you thinking differently? Here are some tips for creating a climate that can help you to break new ground.

  1. Get creative in rewarding employees.
  2. Widen your net through increased visibility to potential donors, volunteers, vendors and clients.
  3. Become a viable competitor.
  4. Throw “penny-wise and pound-foolish”  ideas out the window.
  5. Openly raise the bars of expectation.
  6. Implement a formal process improvement program.
  7. Make return on investment a focal point.

Following the crowd can become a bad habit. Remember that the leader of an orchestra always keeps his back to the crowd. Start looking at your organization from new vantage points. Think differently. That may help to preserve the freedom of your future decisions as well as the organization’s legacy.

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